A Unique Road Trip Vacation


Captain Cook Road Trips is a new and unique vacation experience for the wanderers of the world. We offer several different experiences that are customizable. I started my own road trip years ago and along the way I discovered only places that you can drive to without paying too much. I want our customers to experience the vagabond lifestyle and embrace a different vacation experience outside of hotels and pool side drinks.

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Zodiac Road Trip

Road Trip

The zodiac road trip package gives you a few options. Option 1 is rent our VW bus and go along and voyage on the West Coast of the United States. We provide the van, the site list and camping supplies. We also provide a list of people to visit to share stories and life.

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Captain's Europe Quest

Captn Cook Europe

As a young college graduate, I wasn’t quite ready to go out and get a job. The Captain’s Europe quest is a unique vacation package catered to college grads who want to explore Europe’s best kept secret and locations. The package is customizable or can be standard, it’s your vacation so your choice!

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Captains America Road Trip

The Great Beyond

Before you vote you should be required to drive across the country and enjoy the marvels of the world. The key to a good road trip is to take the journey slow and stop to talk to people. It is a very refreshing experience and the people you meet are usually a more memorable experience than the actual sites.